Museum School

This Thursday I took a trip to the School at the Museum of Fine Arts, also known as the SMFA at 230 the Fenway in Boston. I was literally amazed at all the resources they have to offer from intimate studios to specialty-specific workshops, a cozy library, some large format printers, their own 24-hour streaming radio station, an art supply store (that is supposedly the most inexpensive in Boston) need I go on further…

Unique to the SMFA, students are not required to declare a major, they can select their own courses; it’s almost like setting your own curriculum in a way. The student chooses their own path to success. Apparently it’s been this way at the museum school since the 60’s.

Sculpture, welding, wood-shop, pottery, drawing, painting, fabricating, photography, graphic design, performing art…and these are just some of the classes you can take at the SMFA.

After my field trip I am convinced I could of simply constructed my own vehicle of transportation with all the SMFA’s resources and drove myself home from the inner city instead of taking the bus.

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