King Richard, Jousting, Mead and Look What I Got…

Every year I find myself at King Richards Faire, located in the woods of Carver, MA.  Every year I think I have seen it all and debate whether or not to attend.

Every year, I discover something new.

This year, I really took the chance to look around; like really take a good look at the woods, the craft booths, which are shaped like little medieval houses and the actual layout of the place.  I mean, I guess I never really though about it before.  Thats the great thing about going places multiple times; you get to realize little details that you may have missed.

See, smell, taste, hear and touch.  Sometimes we leave only using two senses.

I saw the joust to the death; flaming swords and all.  Even King Richard himself got up to fight.

I smelled the fryolators, cooking up mounds of grease.

I definitely ate the whole shrimp and fries plate and some mead too!

I heard the belly dancers singing in the distance and the yelling of the entertainers putting on a show.

I touched the shell plate I got; and I smiled.




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