Photo Quest – March – In A Land of Solitude

To be honest, I haven’t been exploring the outdoors much. Even when I take a walk from time to time, my mind is absent from the present moment and my gaze passes by life’s little inspirations; those mystical messages that tell me to keep on going.

With a gust of spirit and a thirst for sunlight, my very essence was beckoning me into the unfamiliar. A rare traveler populating the course, snapping shots for my own memory’s sake. My words, the spiraling force, are precious now more than ever.

As I step foot outside, for the first time in a long time, I find myself looking up more so than usual. Eyes fixed upon the land that is before me, and will be after. Observing the twisting tree vines, architectural delicacies, and the fluctuating moods of the cloudscape as I wander upon signs of vitality and mortality.

Time may have given the illusion of slowing down, but my mind is in another cosmos. Lately, the news has been like a constant alarm ringing in my ears, gathering me off the track and bringing me home again. As I walk along the winding trail, a boardwalk on the horizon sparks a plethora of memories. Could I have walked this path before?

Now and again, solitude is peaceful. I am happy along this new found trail, as I can only hear the wind, rustling of the leaves, and the creaking of the wooden planks underneath my feet. The boardwalk reminds me of another distant memory. When the birds call me back, with their chatter among the trees, I am reminded that I am never really alone.

I have taken many paths, yet I have never walked this particular one. No matter how many comparisons my mind composes, no moment will ever be like this one.

Pictured, in order:

Smolak Farms 

Partridge Island Trail Reedy Meadow 

Stevens-Coolidge Place

Ward Reservation 

Bow Ridge Reservation, Skull Cliff 

Weir Hill


9 responses to “Photo Quest – March – In A Land of Solitude

  1. I relate so much to mind being absent from the present moment during walks. I wrote a blogpost dedicated titled ‘To all the Travel Bloggers’ would love your review on it.


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