Clouds in the Reservoir

There are so many places of unexpected beauty. How dazzling it is to capture the light just right, enough to take a lovely snap. What a feeling it is to walk towards a secluded reservoir; water as still as night with perfectly positioned wisps of white reflected onto its surface aloft the sandy bottom. There is no better time to reflect, after a stunning image is captured both in your mind, and subsequently on film. Sometimes, I feel like the world is whispering directly to me. There are many other ways to receive the message, other than opening up my ears to the sounds I think I perceive. I have to remember, yet I often forget, amongst the blessed magic, tragic moments, luck, no luck, journeys ahead, static, in sad times, in moments of passion and anger, I am only who I am. Just when I thought the whirlwind that is life clouded my senses, I find myself with a moment to think, alone next to the reservoir. What an unexpected flash of beauty and bliss, when technology and the mind intermix.


4 responses to “Clouds in the Reservoir

  1. your photo and your text reminded me of a quote by the great photographer, Ansel Adams
    “Sometimes I arrive just when God’s ready to have somone click the shutter.” That’s a marvelous photo!

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