Restaurant Series: Bring on the Sweet and Savory at The Hidden Pig in Haverhill, Massachusetts

When searching for an incredible food joint, never settle for anything less than satisfactory. In fact, only settle for uniquely crafted restaurants with an enticing selection and mouthwatering dishes. If you enjoy seeking out hidden gems, crave exceptional comfort food, AND all things bacon, then you will be oinking for more in this little masterpiece on Main Street in Haverhill, Massachusetts called The Hidden Pig!

Their brunch menu is totally built around those with a sweet tooth! From maple bacon glazed donuts, and red velvet waffles, to a Reese’s overload french toast, their brunch selection is satisfyingly unique, to say the least. Other savory dishes include, their famous chicken and waffles, infused with bacon and served with a bacon maple butter, their scrumptious remedy bowl, complete with crispy tots and homemade bacon-fat hollandaise sauce, and their acclaimed bacon board, topped off with candied bacon. Thirsty for more? Try one of their signature boozy brunch drinks, like their classic bloody or bacon bloody, mimosa or manmosa (a masculine adaptation of the classic mimosa), or sip on their version of an Irish coffee, sure to wake you right up!

Clockwise from the left: A side dish of loaded tots with bacon on the side, bacon board, red velvet waffle with chocolate bacon ganache, avocado toast with bacon on the side

As for dinner, arrive hungry! For starters, try their crazy delicious poutine, crispy loaded tots, or feast on their wings of the moment, bone-in or boneless. Hungry for more? Try and pick just one entrée, it’s not a simple choice! With ease, devour their pork-fried rice or mixed veggie bowls, creamy pulled pork mac and cheese, their juicy burgers, and of course, their savory sandwiches. Wash it all down a cider sangria, a Reece’s-tini, or a blueberry margarita. Plus, they have a pretty lengthy craft beer menu. With so many options, ordering everything is seriously tempting, and maybe worth it! Get ready for multiple days of leftovers…

Mixed veggie bowl with added grilled chicken and avocado
Chicken and waffles with maple syrup and homemade gravy

The savory and sweet dishes at The Hidden Pig will leave you wondering the same thing over and over again after every bite, why didn’t I know about this place sooner?!

Don’t just take my word for it, try The Hidden Pig out on your tastebuds. Walk-ins accepted, but reservations are highly recommended, as they are a small place and can fill up quick.

Until the next delectable venture…stay hungry!


4 responses to “Restaurant Series: Bring on the Sweet and Savory at The Hidden Pig in Haverhill, Massachusetts

  1. Another great write-up! Compliments, too, on your visuals skills, i.e., the photos. These are presented so deliciously, I swear, they must be publicity shots, not pictures of what all patrons enjoy.

    Now you’ve done it. I’m tempted to invest the ten hours or so to drive up from Pennsylvania. Or maybe, booking a flight to Logan would be quicker. Once we have freedom of movement again, of course.

    So, what’s the deal here? Does the Massachusetts Visitors’ Bureau kick cash back to you every time you create these cravings?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Thank you! Nope just plain ole & classic iPhone shots. And I WISH I got paid to write all these, wouldn’t that be the life, eating for cash, but nope it’s all just a hobby, and the meals are a added bonus.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great way to look at it.

    Of course, when I snap pictures with my iPhone, most of the time I’m surprised to get something worth keeping. Occasionally, even, the effort yields something worth posting. Well, what do you know?

    Liked by 1 person

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