Restaurant Series: The Unforgettable Quality of Ledger Restaurant and Bar in Salem, Massachusetts

Without a doubt, Ledger Restaurant and Bar, conveniently located in downtown Salem, Massachusetts, serves exceptional cuisine in a casual environment, surrounded by modernized grandiose décor, an architectural recognition to the past. A former savings bank, circa 1818, refashioned into a sophisticated restaurant on the northern seashore, Ledger presents a meticulously crafted cocktail, brunch, dinner, and dessert menu to food connoisseurs alike.

From aromatic wines, artistically concocted cocktails, and a sacchariferous brunch selection, to rich-in-flavor wood-grilled entrees, with perfect savory-tangy sides, and desserts, uniquely masterminded to delight, every option is sure to leave you hankering for more. Have a preference for delicious meals accompanied with commendable culinary scenery? Ledger’s thirty-seat bar offers spectacular views of the bustling kitchen, in particular, the grill station, that will leave you hypnotized, in savory amazement, for hours.

Ledger continues to pay homage to their recently acquired building’s past by keeping the architectural structure and integrity of the old savings bank. High ceilings, exposed brick, a standing teller window near the hostess station, a privacy wall of old safety-deposit boxes, and a bank vault converted into a walk-in refrigerator, all stylishly designed to establish an unforgettably intimate and historic-feeling atmosphere. The perfect place for a casual brunch, snazzy romantic night, family gathering, or a work retreat.

Boston Cream Pie Donut of the Day

Overwhelmed by the magnificence of Ledger? Try simply focusing on their menu! For starters, Ledger’s brunch, offered on Sundays only, is an absolute must try. Treat yourself early with their donut of the day, try out their specialty hashes, their unique spin on avocado toast, or simply ask about their rotating ‘wake and bake’ for a sweet surprise. Return in the afternoon to taste their exquisite dinners. Start by ordering their out-of-this-world popovers and crunch on their crispy fried brussels sprouts with parmesan, za’atar, and Caesar. For your main course, salivate over Ledger’s grilled pork chopped, cooked to perfection, or their rotating bouillabaisse. As a comfort-food option, try their Ledger Double Burger, complete with their own special sauce.

Salmon and Avocado Toast with Duck Trap smoked salmon, everything spice, radishes, and pickled red onion
Chicken and Waffles with buttermilk fried chicken, waffle, poblano butter, hot honey, and pickles

During the height of the pandemic, Ledger adjusted seemingly effortlessly, by offering Ledger Basket, a play off the New England grocery store chain, Market Basket. Ledger Basket is a highly-successful order online and pickup version of Ledger’s main dining menu, where patrons pick up pre-made meals to heat up at home. Plus, they added their well-known and highly regarded bucket of chicken, a perfect take-home and crunch meal, to devour, possible in the car on the way home it’s that good! They also added grocery store-like grab and go items, such as, 6 oz. raspberries and blueberries, clementine’s by the bag, potato salad, cole slaw, to-go pizza dough, butter, milk, toilet paper, paper towels, and so many more household items and kitchen must-haves.

Popovers with beef drippings, and roasted garlic honey butter

Most recently, Ledger launched ‘Ledger Jr.’, a fast food initiative. The Ledger Jr. menu features their renowned Ledger double burger, now available on both their brunch and dinner menus, their crispy-fried chicken sandwich, pulled-pork sandwich, lobster roll, and for dessert, their delicious apple crisp.

Berkshire Grilled Pork Chop with apple, sunchoke, brussel sprouts, and sweet potato puree
Halibut Bouillabaisse with artichoke, leek, carrot, fenne

If this super positive review still doesn’t seem like quite enough of a reason to take a trip to Salem to specifically try and support Ledger Restaurant and Bar, then just know that they are one of the few restaurants in the Bay State that adds a 3% kitchen education and appreciation fee that allows their kitchen staff to share in the restaurant’s success. This small fee, applied to each bill, not only helps create a positive impact and better customer experience, it also helps develop talent, foster teamwork, reward consistency, and elevates the expectations of their entire team. In simply experiencing and knowing Ledger’s excellence, consistency and great customer service, how could you not pay a little extra to help support the folks actually preparing and plating your meal?! After all, waiters and waitresses typically receive fair tips for their exceptional service, so why not tip the back-of-house staff as well?

In conclusion, Ledger is an absolute must try if you are visiting the Salem area! It is too easy to spend the morning roaming around the cobblestone streets of Salem, and the afternoon delighting in the delectable cuisine and historic significance of Ledger Restaurant and Bar.

Reservations are not required, but are highly recommend as they are a popular restaurant and have limited seating due to the restrictions of the pandemic. For the latest updates, new menu items, rotating donut of the day, and wake-an-bake options, follow them on Instagram and Facebook, @ledgersalem.

Until the next enticing adventure and flavorful review…stay hungry!


3 responses to “Restaurant Series: The Unforgettable Quality of Ledger Restaurant and Bar in Salem, Massachusetts

  1. Sublime! Just perfect.

    Friends used to live in Malden; I’ll ask if they ever visited this place. Probably not, else they certainly would have dished (so to speak) already.

    That is a stunning array of meals you present. Did you visit multiple times, or were you among a larger group?

    By the way, “sublime” refers not just to your photography, but to your writing. I mean, using “sacchariferous” and “hankering” in one sentence. Way to take proper advantage of our tongue’s full diversity!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww thank you, appreciate the writing praise, as I always struggle to write a zesty post! I actually have visited multiple times, but the photos show are just the last two times I visited, once for brunch and once for dinner, both great experiences and worth recommending!

      Liked by 1 person

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